Native PayPal integration

The ScheduleOnce connector for PayPal enables end-to-end payment integration throughout the booking lifecycle. From the initial booking, through to rescheduling and cancellations.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the scheduling process
  • Automatic handling of refunds and rescheduling fees
  • Customizable invoicing and integrated reporting

Collect secure payments

Seamless integration with PayPal allows you to collect payments as an integral part of your booking process. Simply connect your PayPal account and ScheduleOnce takes care of all payment activities in an automated and secure manner.

Rescheduling fees

The rescheduling policy allows you to set fees according to the timing of the reschedule request. Charging for rescheduling actions generates an additional revenue stream and reduces unnecessary rescheduling activity.

Automatic/manual refunds

Build trust and increase customer satisfaction by enabling manual or automatic refunds when sessions are canceled. Partial or full refunds can be instantly credited back to customers based on the cancellation policies you define.

Multiple currencies

ScheduleOnce works with all currencies in your PayPal account. This allows you to use different currencies with different event types, catering to your global audience and allowing customers to pay in their local currency.