Native Salesforce integration

    The ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce enables complete scheduling integration through all phases of the customer lifecycle. Key lifecycle processes such as marketing, customer onboarding, and escalation to tier-two support can be powered with online scheduling, resulting in up to 3x increase in conversion rates, accelerated sales cycles, and increased customer satisfaction.

    • All booking activity is tracked and kept up-to-date in Salesforce
    • Fully compatible with your Salesforce organization setup and business rules
    • Can be used with leads, contacts, and cases

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    OnceHub Salesforce Integration

    Scheduling with your Salesforce contact base

    When asking your existing Salesforce Contacts to make bookings, ScheduleOnce identifies the contact by its record ID, eliminating the need to ask for information you already have. This enables a better customer experience and improved conversion rates.

    Scheduling with prospects

    When asking any customer or prospect to make a booking, ScheduleOnce uses their email address to check if the lead or contact record exists in Salesforce. The record is then automatically created or updated based on your creation rules.

    Highly secure

    The Salesforce connector enables a secure connection between ScheduleOnce and your Salesforce environment supporting organizations with security requirements of varying levels.

    Flexible setup

    The Salesforce connector supports most organizational business processes and scenarios, working in tandem with your existing Salesforce setup.

    Automatic record creation

    When a booking is made and the customer doesn't exist in Salesforce, a lead, contact, or case record is automatically created based on your Salesforce Record Types and record creation rules.

    Automatic record updates

    When a booking is made and the customer already exists in Salesforce, a lead or contact record is updated based on your record updating rules.

    Automatic activity creation

    Every ScheduleOnce booking creates an activity in Salesforce. The activity is automatically related to the relevant Lead, Contact or Case record.

    Automatic activity updates

    The activity is automatically updated with any changes that take place throughout the booking lifecycle, including when the booking is canceled, rescheduled, completed or set to no-show.

    Salesforce record assignment

    When a booking is made, ownership of the Salesforce record is either assigned to the booking page owner, based on Salesforce assignment rules, or remains unchanged.

    Salesforce calendar integration

    When a booking is made, an event is automatically added to the Salesforce calendar. The calendar event will be updated when the booking is canceled, rescheduled, completed, or set to no-show.

    Field mapping

    When a booking is made, ScheduleOnce custom and system fields can be automatically mapped to any relevant standard or custom Salesforce field and added to the Salesforce record.

    Field validation

    The Salesforce connector provides reliable configuration tools to support the validation rules fields of your Salesforce organization, ensuring that Salesforce record updates will never be blocked.

    Integrated links

    The link to the Salesforce Lead, Contact, Case, and Activity record is available in all ScheduleOnce activities and notifications, enabling a seamless connection between the two systems.

    Works with standard objects

    You define the standard objects your booking pages will integrate with. The Salesforce connector works with lead, contact, and case objects.

    Salesforce integration via Zapier

    Salesforce integration through Zapier allows you to send booking and customer data to Salesforce. Data received from ScheduleOnce always creates a new and independent data record in Salesforce.

    Salesforce integration through Zapier supports the following scenarios:
    When a new booking is made
    • Create a new Salesforce lead or contact record
    • Create a new Salesforce activity vent
    • Create a new Salesforce task

    When a booking is rescheduled in ScheduleOnce

    • Create a new Salesforce activity Event
    • Create a new Salesforce task