Native Zoom integration

    The ScheduleOnce connector for Zoom seamlessly integrates Zoom with your booking activities through all phases of the booking lifecycle.

    • Works with all meeting types
    • Video conferencing details are included in ScheduleOnce notifications
    • Built-in support for cancellations and rescheduling

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    OnceHub Zoom Integration

    Automatic scheduling of a Zoom session

    ScheduleOnce automates the creation of a Zoom session whenever a customer makes a booking. Each booking is assigned its own unique Zoom session, ensuring each of your customer meetings remains completely private.

    Support for all meeting types

    Regardless of meeting type, our Zoom integration can handle it all. For one-on-one meetings, a new Zoom session is created, whereas with group sessions, each customer receives the same Zoom session details. With session packages, a unique Zoom link is created for each session.

    Integrated notifications

    Web conferencing information is an integral part of all ScheduleOnce notifications. When a booking is made, users and customers will receive one confirmation that includes Zoom meeting details. This provides a professional image to your customers, who receive all meeting details in one place.

    Support for canceling and rescheduling

    If a booking is canceled or rescheduled, ScheduleOnce automatically makes all necessary changes to the Zoom session. If a meeting is rescheduled, ScheduleOnce updates your users and customers with new Zoom session details, ensuring all relevant parties have the latest information.

    Access to conference connection settings

    Zoom web conferencing settings can be configured right from within your ScheduleOnce account. This simplifies setup, and allows you to seamlessly receive bookings for your virtual meetings.

    Secure OAuth connection

    ScheduleOnce uses the OAuth protocol to establish a secure connection with Zoom. Users can connect to Zoom without sharing their Zoom credentials with ScheduleOnce, ensuring the highest level of security.