We’ve previously shared our top tips for improving productivity. Now, we’re focusing on how scheduling can help sales teams do just that including trying out free online scheduling tools to see if it works for you.

Scheduling meetings requires a lot of back and forth. For high-performing sales teams with a long list of prospects to meet, this can add up to a lot of wasted time. The good news is that there are a host of free online scheduling tools that can do the job, like ScheduleOnce’s free 14-day trial.

Used correctly, online scheduling can help your team manage their time better and boost productivity.

Scheduling saves everyone’s time

Automating your meeting bookings eliminates the back and forth by taking care of your scheduling for you. It works especially well for trickier meetings with busy executives or panel meetings, where individual availability is hard to pin down quickly. An online scheduling tool does all that legwork. Not only does this save you and your team time, but also that of your busy executives and customers. 

Online scheduling also reduces the time wasted in meetings. According to Atlassian, employees waste approximately 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings. Online scheduling allows you to set a fixed duration for different types of meetings so you can keep them short and targeted. This means you would never need to spend more than fifteen minutes on an introductory call, for example. 

Take our free online scheduling tool for a spin for 14 days. 

It allows your whole sales team to be available 

Gone are the days of using a dispatch clerk to connect leads to salespeople. When setting up an online booking page for your website, simply add your sales team to a Resource pool to provide maximum availability to your prospects. 

You can choose a distribution method to assign meetings equally, ensuring no one salesperson misses out on new prospect meetings. These meetings are automatically added to your team’s calendars without them having to lift a finger and ensures that no double bookings occur. 

It allows you to stay on top of bookings

An online scheduling tool makes your time work for you. If you’ve blocked off half an hour in your calendar for lunch, no bookings will be accepted for that time. For even greater control, you can set up booking with approval, which allows you to decline a meeting request or suggest a replacement time slot that works better. This also ensures no team member is overwhelmed by too many meetings. 

Scheduling helps you prioritize what’s important

Only 60% or less of work time is actually spent productively. In fact, an employee checks their email about 36 times a day and spends at least 16 minutes refocusing after each new email. By implementing online scheduling, you’re eliminating almost all emails associated with setting up meetings. This time can now be spent focusing on sales, closing deals and meeting with leads.

If a lead does send an email requesting a meeting, your salesperson can simply respond with their booking link which lists their available time slots. The meeting will be confirmed automatically. Your salesperson can even Schedule on behalf of the customer while on the phone. 

Google lists one of the defining characteristics of a well-performing team as Structure and Clarity. By having a well-structured calendar and clearly defined meetings, you’re giving your team the order and focus they need to thrive. 

There are plenty of free online scheduling tools to help improve your team’s productivity. Try ScheduleOnce for free now.