Round robin assignment

With round robin assignment, bookings will be assigned to the next team member in line. When customers visit your page, they will only see the availability of the designated team member, ensuring an equal and fair distribution.

  • Fair meeting distribution

    Sales team members are measured by how many deals they close. To give all members an equal opportunity, bookings must be distributed in a fair and unbiased manner. Using resource pools, you can create a group of team members to whom bookings can be dynamically assigned. With round robin assignment, bookings can be equally distributed to members in the pool. Each new booking will be assigned to the next team member in line.

  • Auto correction for cancellations, reassignments, and no-shows

    When using round robin assignment, you want to ensure that cancellations, reassignments, and no-shows do not affect booking distribution equality. ScheduleOnce uses a smart algorithm that compensates for schedule changes. When the algorithm is enabled, any team member who falls behind will be automatically moved to the front of the line until caught up.

  • Monitor booking distribution according to your business cycle

    As a manager, it’s critical for you to be able to monitor booking distribution equality over a given period of time. ScheduleOnce allows you to define how often to restart the reporting cycle. The cycle can restart monthly, quarterly, or go on continuously. The ability to define your reporting cycle ensures that your scheduling stats are fully aligned with your business metrics.