Panel meetings

Panel meetings allow customers to book a time to meet with multiple team members simultaneously. You can create panels with specific team members, or dynamic panels that use resource pools to assign the relevant team member.

  • Allow customers to meet relevant team members at once

    Do your customers need to meet with an account manager, sales engineer, and customer success rep? With panel meetings your customers can meet with all relevant team members at once. This helps you maximize efficiency, accelerate time to conversion, and ensure customers get the most out of your meetings.

  • Create panels with specific team members

    ScheduleOnce allows you to create panels with specific team members. You can decide which team member will own the meeting, and who else should attend. When a customer schedules a panel meeting, they will only see time slots when all panel members are available.

  • Create dynamic panels

    Are multiple team members capable of participating as panelists in your meetings? With resource pools, you can classify team members by any criteria and create panels with dynamically assigned team members, rather than specific team members. This allows you to maximize resource utilization and provide greater availability to customers.

  • Keep panel members in the loop

    ScheduleOnce keeps all panel members up to date. Panel members receive all notifications, including the initial confirmation, reminders, and updates regarding any schedule changes. Additionally, the panel owner sends a calendar event to all meeting attendees. This ensures meeting details are easily accessible to all panel members.