• Scheduling for yourself

    Set up personalized meetings for you to meet with your customers. Each meeting can have its own unique settings, such as time frame and location.

  • Scheduling for others

    Coordinate personalized meetings for your team according to your organization's distribution and assignment rules. InviteOnce uses templates, resource pools, and panels to identify the optimal team members for each meeting.

  • Panel meetings

    Create personalized panel meetings for customers to meet with multiple team members simultaneously. When scheduling, customers will only see times when all panelists are available.

  • Resource pools

    Distribute bookings among a group of team members in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each team can have its own distribution method.

  • Round robin

    Bookings are assigned to the next team member in line, ensuring an equal distribution among your team. When scheduling, only the designated team member’s availability will be displayed.

  • Pooled availability

    Combine the availability of multiple team members to provide customers the maximum number of time slots. Once a time is selected, the booking is automatically assigned to a team member.

  • Automatic time slot generation

    The InviteOnce algorithmic scheduling engine automatically selects preferred time slots based on the specific requirements of each meeting. This allows you to generate meeting invitations in a flash without having to sift through your calendar.

  • Time slot suggestions in email

    When sending a personalized scheduling invitation to a customer, you can embed suggested meeting times directly in your email. This allows your customer to select a time with a single click.

  • Automatic room reservation

    Reserve a room when scheduling. A specific room can be selected, or for wider availability you can dynamically reserve a room with specific characteristics.

  • Meeting templates

    InviteOnce allows you to create meeting templates that capture your organization’s requirements for each meeting type. Templates can be applied to new meetings with a click of a button and can be adjusted as needed.


  • Calendar integration

    InviteOnce connects to your calendar, allowing you to manage your bookings and availability from your calendar. InviteOnce integrates with Google Calendar, and other calendar integrations are coming soon.

  • Reserved availability slots

    Set specific availability slots by reserving specific time slots in your calendar. You can determine whether or not busy time during these slots blocks off your availability or is simply ignored.
    (Coming soon)

Compliant & Secure

  • GDPR compliance

    We are committed to ensuring InviteOnce can be used in a GDPR compliant manner. We provide users the tools to safeguard the data in their accounts.

  • Privacy Shield compliance

    InviteOnce is certified for meeting the standards of the EU Privacy Shield and Swiss Safe Harbor programs.

  • HIPAA compliance

    InviteOnce offers a HIPAA compliant scheduling solution, keeping your patient data safe and secure. Organizations requiring HIPAA compliance can contact us to sign a BAA.

  • FERPA compliance

    InviteOnce provides educators and other members of the education community with all the tools necessary to maintain compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • PCI compliance

    InviteOnce complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Our payment systems have been developed to ensure maximum security and PCI compliance.

  • SOC 2 audited

    InviteOnce was audited for SOC 2 Type 2 compliance by Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four CPA firms. Auditing was conducted over a one-year monitoring period for both suitability and effectiveness.

  • Custom security policies

    If your organization mandates, you can add additional safeguards to comply with your organization’s toughest security standards.