Resource pools

Resource pools group booking pages together according to department, skills, territory, or any other characteristic. This allows you to dynamically assign bookings to team members and monitor distribution over time.

Flexible booking assignment

Your team may have multiple members who are capable of providing the same service. Resource pools allow you to take advantage of your team’s capabilities by giving more flexibility in assigning your meetings. You can assign a resource pool to provide a specific event type in your master page, helping you effectively utilize your team.

Visibility into meeting distribution

As a manager, it is critical that you stay on top of all team members’ activities. With resource pools, you can easily keep track of how bookings are assigned within your team. You will have full visibility into how many bookings each team member receives, and how many are canceled, reassigned, or are marked as no-show. This helps you manage your team and ensures an optimal distribution.

Autocorrecting distribution algorithm

You want to ensure that cancellations, reassignments, or no-shows are taken into account in your booking distribution. ScheduleOnce uses a smart algorithm that compensates for schedule changes and ensures a fair distribution, no matter what comes up.

Multiple distribution methods

ScheduleOnce offers multiple methods for distributing bookings within a resource pool. Bookings can be assigned via round robin, ensuring an equal distribution amongst team members. If providing maximum availability to customers is a top priority, pooled availability, or priority-based assignment can be used.