In tandem with your Office 365 Calendar

OnceHub uses Microsoft’s industry-standard protocols to establish a continuous connection with your Office 365 Calendar.
  • Real-time connection
  • Full privacy and security
  • Never get double booked
Choice of connection method

OnceHub supports all Microsoft connection methods. Connect via the latest OAuth 2.0 protocol or use your Office 365 credentials to connect via the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol. Learn more about Office 365 connection methods

Personal and corporate connections

Each team member can be responsible for connecting their own Office 365 account. If more control is required, a corporate connection can be established, automatically connecting the entire organization or selected departments only. Learn more about the Corporate connection

Real time connection

OnceHub works with your Office 365 Calendar in real time. Bookings are automatically created in your calendar and busy time immediately blocks your availability, eliminating any chance of double-booking.

Two-way sync with your connected calendar

When you reschedule an event in your connected calendar, the meeting time is automatically updated in your OnceHub account. When you delete an event in your connected calendar, the meeting is canceled and all stakeholders are notified.

Secure connection

OnceHub only uses Microsoft standard protocols. All communication with your calendar is encrypted, keeping your data protected.

Keep your calendar private

Customers can only see available time slots. Your calendar details and free/busy patterns are never revealed.

Automatically send a calendar invite

When a booking is made, a calendar invite is automatically sent to your customers, automatically adding the event to their calendars.

Retrieve busy time and schedule in multiple calendars

Busy time can be retrieved from any number of calendars and bookings can be created in additional calendars that you own.