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OnceHub for

Service & Support


Reduce time-to-resolution, maintain customer loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction

Offer scheduling as an escalation path

Not all customer problems can be resolved in the first interaction. In such cases, you want to provide a clear escalation path rather than leaving your customers in the dark until a specific support expert is available. Well-executed scheduling lets you focus on unique customer inquiries and ensures you don't open the door to unsolicited bookings.

With OnceHub, you can focus on your customers’ immediate needs while eliminating the chance of unwanted repeat bookings. With ScheduleOnce, customers can be sent a one-time link, allowing them to make a single booking without revealing your underlying booking page link.

Customer waiting time will be minimized and time-to-resolution will be reduced, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Schedule support sessions from your portal or app

The ability to schedule a support session directly from your portal or app is a valuable offering that customers love.

With OnceHub, logged-in customers are identified, allowing them to schedule support sessions without providing any information you already have. Customers describe their case and the booking is assigned to the relevant team member. If screen sharing is required, meetings can be conducted virtually. Web conferencing details will be automatically added to the calendar event and all notifications, ensuring easy access to all meeting details. You can offer online scheduling to customers on select plans, or only to those who are entitled to this perk.

Customers will be able to schedule their session the moment they encounter an issue, providing instant assurance that a support expert will be available to help.

Offer scheduled pay-per-incident support

Offering pay-per-incident support is a great way to provide additional help to customers who require extra attention. When customers pay for a session, they expect confirmation of when they will receive it.

With OnceHub, customers can schedule and pay for their support sessions in one go. Customers select a time, pay for their session, and receive immediate confirmation of their booking and payment in one single action. Should there be a need for any schedule changes, customers can be refunded or required to pay a reschedule fee.

You will be able to provide a seamless experience to customers in need off additional support and increase your revenue.