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Transforming B2B SaaS services with OnceHub

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GoDocs is a specialist B2B SaaS business that uses automation to prepare commercial real estate loan documents. GoDocs customers include major national institutions, regional and local banks, credit unions, and private lenders.

The business model requires GoDocs to have demo meetings with prospective customers. The nature of the business means that some website visitors don’t understand the services offered by GoDocs. Unqualified leads might’ve booked a meeting thinking GoDocs was a lender. GoDocs needed to find a way to filter qualified leads for meetings. 

They understood that a website chatbot solution would work for lead qualification and acceleration. They looked into the basic chatbot solution offered by their CRM system, but it didn’t suit their needs. 

Enter OnceHub

GoDocs decided to choose two products from OnceHub: ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce. ChatOnce is able to separate the small loan-seeking leads, and big GoDocs prospective customers. It does so by asking qualifying questions, so that only the valuable leads get to schedule meetings. ScheduleOnce is the perfect tool for scheduling these meetings.  

For GoDocs, one qualified customer is worth a lot, and these customers don’t come along all that often. ChatOnce encourages website visitors to start a dialogue with GoDocs, who can engage them personally. 

OnceHub products offer a personalized, engaging, and interactive experience to GoDocs qualified leads. This makes their decision to choose GoDocs as a SaaS provider easier. 

Gary Highland, President of GoDocs, had this to say, “Our CRM system offered a chatbot integration, which we looked into. Unfortunately, it just didn’t have the same capabilities that ChatOnce offered. Our goal was for potential customers to start a dialogue with us, so that we can engage them through a scheduled one-on-one meeting. This allows us to show qualified prospects the full potential of our B2B SaaS product, and helps us with conversion.” 

B2B SaaS chatbots can help to make your sales teams leaner and more efficient. From lead capture, and qualification, to scheduling sales calls, a chatbot can do it all. Chatbots can be implemented at all stages of the sales process to keep customers engaged while providing all the information they need.  They can also help to maintain open and helpful communications with existing customers. 

We’ve identified four types of chatbot strategies to implement for B2B SaaS websites. 

  • Informational chatbots
    These help you to provide information or guidance to your website visitors. 
  • Lead capture chatbots
    These allow you to capture details from visitors who show an interest in your business.
  • Instant scheduling chatbots
    These allow you to instantly invite visitors to schedule a meeting with your team. 
  • Qualified scheduling chatbots
    These allow you to qualify visitors before inviting them to schedule a meeting. 

B2B SaaS chatbots are a perfect addition to your website experience for customers. ChatOnce has over 70 bot templates for lead capture, instant scheduling, and qualified scheduling chatbots. Ideal for getting started quickly or when you want to create custom bots for landing pages. It’s easier than ever to get started with a website chatbot. Why not try one now?