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Chatbot software

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We may live in the present, but there is no doubt that it is a super-futuristic time to be alive. We have self-driving cars, virtual gyms, and fridges that create shopping lists. Life on Mars is a serious consideration, and intelligent chatbots are common on even the simplest of websites.

From humble beginnings with the first chatbot, ELIZA, in the mid-60’s, chatbot software has been gaining popularity. Today, you can find these clever little creatures chatting up website visitors all over the Internet. While there is a time and place for human interaction, there is something fun and somewhat sci-fi about chatting to bots. The intelligence of chatbot software has improved to the point that it’s possible to forget that you’re actually chatting with a computer.

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The best chatbots offer an innovative way to connect with your customers 24/7, while you eat, sleep, work, or play. Imagine all the things you can get up to while your intelligent little website helper works. The possibilities are endless. Get some fresh air, learn a new skill, start a podcast, expand your business... All at the same time as your chatbot targets, qualifies, and schedules meetings with the customers you want to spend your time and energy on.

It’s a sign of the times that customers want and expect instant gratification. They demand speedy service and immediate support. Much to their dismay, it’s seldom possible to give them your full and undivided attention. This is where a chatbot app swoops in and saves the day. Intelligent conversational chatbots are always on your website. They can compensate for you and your team not being available to customers - or potential customers - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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Website chatbots also help to show that you are a modern business, adapting to the times, and committed to fulfilling your customers’ needs. A near perfect website can become even greater with an engaging chatbot popping up to help your visitors get what they're there for. 

These clever little bots are useful to every type of business. Are you a big city dental practice, multinational law firm, mom-and-pop antique shop, or a one-man online guitar teaching guru? An intelligent website chatbot is always good for business.

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Through paying close attention to this futuristic world we live in, the ideal chatbot platform, ChatOnce, was created. The purpose for this solution is to fit into your current website and business. The idea is not to change anything you’re doing, but to add a layer of customer engagement to your website that will help take your business to the next level.

What is ChatOnce?

ChatOnce is an easy-to-use conversational chatbot builder. This intelligent chatbot software requires no development experience. Even the most tech-unsavvy of us can create magical conversations with it. ChatOnce utilizes a simple drag-and-drop bot builder. This results in a selection of customizable chatbots to suit your website, your corporate identity, and your tone of voice.


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What can I use ChatOnce for?

ChatOnce allows you to create custom conversational chatbots. Your chatbots can target, qualify, and even schedule meetings with your website visitors.

With ChatOnce, you can target visitors based on several criteria, including:

  • How they arrived at your website: Did they arrive through a marketing campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Where they are in the world: Do you have a different tone of voice based on which country or state your customers are in?
  • Which page of your site they're on: Would you like different chatbots to reach out to customers on your home page and your pricing page?

Chatbot software qualification-1Qualification questions are up to you, although ChatOnce can (and does) offer some suggestions.

  • Do you want anyone to be able to schedule a meeting with you?
  • Would you like to only schedule meetings with existing customers?
  • Do you want to exclude certain email domains from being able to book with you?

When used with ScheduleOnce, ChatOnce’s scheduling capabilities are incredibly powerful. This formidable pair enables chatbots to schedule relevant meetings with qualified leads.

Chatbot software demos templates-1

Once you start using ChatOnce, you will discover a host of templates and demos to help you create the best chatbots for your website.

ChatOnce is suitable across all industries. Here are just a few examples of bots you can create:

  • A B2B SaaS customer service chatbot
  • Patient booking bots for your general practice
  • Music school scheduling bots
  • A client qualification chatbot for professional services
  • A new candidate screening bot for recruitment
  • A bot to invite and book guests for your motivational coaching webinar

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Whatever your needs, ChatOnce can help you to create the best chatbots for your website. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can try it yourself at no cost or commitment. If you’re keen to elevate your business further into this futuristic world, sign up for a free ChatOnce trial