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Customer service chatbot

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“Please continue to hold for service. Your call will be answered as soon as an agent becomes available… Thank you for your continued patience. You are number 42 in the queue...”

I’m going to let you in on a little, not-so-secret secret. Your customers are sick and tired of having to wait for service.

And why should they?

Your customers expect immediate support. They want your help as soon as they run into any kind of uncertainty with your product or service. The world of customer service has changed. Technology has drastically changed. Thanks to technological advancements, waiting for good service is no longer necessary. And now, lucky for you, you can fulfill your customers’ instant expectations.

Customer service chatbots are available to support your customers all day - and night - long. Weekends and holidays included.

Chatbot software 24-7 CopyWhat is a customer service chatbot?

A customer service chatbot is a conversational chatbot ready to engage with your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These chatbots can assist your customers with basic troubleshooting, or automated resolutions. They can answer questions, or direct customers to appropriate sections of your website.

Chatbot software modern businessBenefits of chatbots in customer service

Any time of the day or night. Any day of the week or year. Your customer service chatbots are always ready to serve and delight your customers.

There are many benefits to having chatbots available on your website.

  1. 24/7 Availability
    If only you could be available to answer all your customers’ questions all the time. This is completely unrealistic, despite how much they - and you - might want it. Customer service chatbots can be, and are, available 24/7. They are there to provide quick, helpful responses whenever your customers need them. Engaging your customers at their preferred time improves their satisfaction and brand loyalty. While these 24/7 chatbots take on easy queries, your agents can deal with more difficult tickets.

  2. Improved customer relationship management
    Customer service chatbots provide 24/7 personalized customer experiences by using audience targeting. Tailor-made services leave your customers feeling valued and taken care of. Addressing requests in real-time, as they arise, leaves your customers feeling great. Even if your chatbots can't resolve all queries in real-time, they can record and escalate problems immediately. This leaves your customers with the confidence that their request is being addressed.

  3. Quicker resolutions
    Gone are the days of having to wait in a queue for customer service. With chatbots, the customer doesn’t even have to be the one to reach out for help. Your chatbots reach out to your customers making them feel acknowledged and assisted. For simple, frequent customer queries, your customer service chatbots provide instant resolutions. They also free up your support agents’ time by answering simple questions for them. These resources then have time to focus on resolving more complex customer problems.

  4. Cost-saving
    With chatbots supporting your customers, a full-service, 24/7 support center is unnecessary. Hiring more call center support agents means more salaries, service training, and infrastructure. Unlike humans, chatbots can comfortably manage multiple conversations at the same time. Chatbots increase the volume of customer service requests managed, without adding costs.

  5. Simple scalability
    Traditional customer service teams can't always handle unexpected hikes in traffic. It's great to know that chatbots aren’t bound by silly human limitations like these. Customer service bots can have multiple intelligent conversations at the same time. This means your business can enjoy scaling opportunities without much extra effort. Chatbots can engage in many endless conversations. This keeps your customers satisfied, your team focused, and your business growing.

  6. Increased productivity and fewer support tickets
    Customer service agents often have to deal with a lot of repetitive queries. These can be frustrating, boring, and steal time away from complex or more relevant issues. The best CS bots can handle these queries with ease. This frees up your agents to take on more difficult queries. Your customer service team can handle the more complex issues faster than before. Your customers will appreciate the attention they receive from your chatbots and team.

  7. Collect customer feedback
    Customer service chatbots can ask important feedback questions throughout their conversations. This instant feedback opportunity is invaluable in gaining honest insights. You can continue to evaluate these insights to better serve your customers in the future.

Chatbot software targeting CopyHow does a customer service chatbot work?

Customer service chatbots use logic flows and conditional routing. First, you research or anticipate the frequent obstacles your customers face. Based on these, you provide instant, simple resolutions. These chatbots need minimal effort to put in place, but the benefits - as detailed above - are vast.

Scheduling Scenarios For Financial AdvisorsWhat platform should I use for my customer service chatbots?

For a customer service chatbot that is simple to build, install, and use, we recommend ChatOnce. With an intuitive chatbot builder, ChatOnce easily addresses your customers’ most frequent requests. Your ChatOnce chatbots can also schedule appointments if a problem needs more attention.

The key benefits of using ChatOnce for your customer service chatbots:

  • Simple, no-code, drag-and-drop chatbot builder
  • Easy-to-install chatbots
  • Install your chatbots on multiple websites
  • Unlimited audiences to ensure you are targeting the right people
  • Unlimited chatbots to address various customer segments and scenarios
  • Detailed reporting
  • Lead capture capabilities
  • Customization options to match your brand, website, and tone of voice
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Multiple templates to inspire and guide you
  • Ability to share multimedia, documents, and URLs with customers

Chatbot software demos templates CopyWith a well thought-out customer experience you are able to more efficiently meet your customers’ needs. Your customer service team also gain the freedom to be more productive and effective.

ChatOnce customer service chatbots are the best decision for your business. Start a free trial to see for yourself.