Native Webex Meetings integration

Save time and increase participation rates with our native Webex Meetings integration. Webex Meetings sessions are automatically provisioned and conferencing information is included in all relevant notifications.
  • Works with one-on-one and group sessions
  • Reduces email volume and improves your customers’ booking experience
  • Built-in support for cancellation and rescheduling

Automatic scheduling of a Webex Meetings session

ScheduleOnce automates the creation of a Webex Meetings session whenever a customer makes a booking. Each booking is assigned its own unique Webex Meetings session, ensuring each of your customer meetings remains completely private.

One-on-one meetings and group sessions

Each booking made creates a new Webex Meetings session. When multiple customers sign up for the same session, each booking receives the same Webex Meetings details.

Support for canceling and rescheduling

When a booking is canceled or rescheduled by the customer or the user, ScheduleOnce automatically updates your Webex Meetings account with the necessary changes.

Integrated notifications

Webex Meetings session details are an integral part of all ScheduleOnce notifications, enabling your customers to receive one confirmation with all required information. This saves time and provides a professional image to your customers.

Access to audio connection options

Our Webex Meetings integration provides direct access to Webex Meetings audio settings, allowing you to set audio connection options for each booking page.