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OnceHub for

Customer Onboarding


Streamline your onboarding and training processes, reduce time-to-implementation, and improve customer success

Automate onboarding by offering scheduling from your portal or app

Offering onboarding sessions from your password protected portal or within your app can be a great way to help customers and free trial users learn about your product.

The scheduling call-to-action can be integrated into your portal or app, allowing the logged-in customer to be identified. Customers can book one-on-one sessions with a customer success manager or sign up for onboarding webinars or classes in just a few clicks.

Customers will be encouraged to take advantage of your onboarding services, reducing time-to-implementation and ultimately reducing churn.

Offer personalized onboarding sessions

Your high value leads have been communicating directly with an account executive. Upon purchase, the key to a successful onboarding experience is a smooth handoff to customer success.

With OnceHub, account executives can send customers personalized invitations to book their onboarding session with a customer success manager. Alternatively, if the account executive has the customer on the phone, they can schedule the session on their behalf. Each onboarding session can have its own unique requirements, such as whether a specific customer success manager is required or whether any customer success manager with the soonest availability can conduct the session.

This helps you master the sales-to-customer success handoff, allowing high value customers to quickly learn how to make the most of your product.

Integrate scheduling into your online training catalog

Offering classes, webinars, and other training sessions is a great way to ensure adoption of your product. With OnceHub, customers can schedule their sessions directly from within your online training catalog.

Training courses may consist of single or multiple sessions in a private or group format. If you charge a fee for your training courses, payment can be fully integrated into the booking process. Customers select the course, choose a time, pay for their session, and receive immediate confirmation of their booking and payment in a single action.

Your customers will be impressed with the ease of the process and be more likely to take advantage of the resources you provide.