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OnceHub for

B2B SaaS


Shorten time-to-engagement in all phases of the customer lifecycle

Reduce time-to-engagement with web form fillers

Leads who fill out your web form are essentially qualifying themselves by showing interest in your product or service. You want to engage these leads as quickly as possible, without leaving them in the dark wondering if and when they will be contacted.

With web form integration, prospects submit your form and can instantly pick a time to be contacted, without having to provide any additional information. An event is automatically added to their calendar and is followed up with email and SMS reminders, eliminating no-shows and resulting in contact rates of up to 80%. Bookings flow right into your team members’ calendars, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks and not waste time on back and forth emails and phone calls.

OnceHub allows you to capture top prospects at the peak of their interest and ensure they begin the sales cycle with you as soon as possible.

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Qualify leads faster by offering them a direct way to connect

You have a long list of potential leads that you need to contact and qualify. The problem is, the longer it takes to establish contact, the colder these leads become. With online scheduling, you can offer leads a fast and simple way to connect with your team.

If your marketing team engages leads via mass email campaigns, you can include a link to your team's page that allows leads to schedule a demo with you. Your emails will automatically stand out and serious leads will be filtered for you.

Once leads are qualified and assigned to sales development representatives, OnceHub helps you guide leads through the sales funnel. Sales development representatives can send leads personalized scheduling invitations or schedule a meeting on their behalf with an account executive. This ensures a smooth transition to the account executive and helps you preserve momentum throughout the sales process.

Improve customer success

You work hard to acquire customers. Now, the challenge is to onboard them quickly and convert them into loyal users.

With OnceHub, you can seamlessly integrate scheduling calls-to-action into your portal or app, ensuring customers schedule with you while interacting with your product. Logged-in users are automatically identified and can quickly make a booking by selecting the best time for them.

With high value accounts, you may want to personalize the onboarding process. With OnceHub, account executives can schedule onboarding sessions on customers’ behalf or send personalized scheduling invitations. You will be able to provide exceptional service and a seamless onboarding experience to top accounts.

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Provide top-notch support

OnceHub helps you cultivate long-term relationships with your customers by allowing you to be more accessible when your customers need support.

When a customer problem cannot be resolved in one interaction, online scheduling helps you provide a clear escalation path. Customers can be sent a personalized invitation to schedule a meeting tailored to solve their specific problem. For example, the issue may be resolvable with a tier two support agent, or it may require representatives from different departments. Once the customer schedules, the scheduling link will be unavailable for future bookings, ensuring you have full control.

If you offer support sessions directly from within your app, you can allow users on select plans to schedule with you. When scheduling, users describe their case and the booking is routed to the most appropriate team member. This allows you to reduce time-to-resolution and increase customer satisfaction.

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