Business that make money by meeting with customers need a scheduling software that allows them to accept payment for their services. ScheduleOnce is a scheduling tool with a robust payment integration that allows you to collect payment from customers in an automated and secure manner.

With ScheduleOnce’s seamless PayPal integration, you can accept payments from customers at the time of booking. When customers visit your booking pages, they will clearly see the fee associated with the meeting they would like to schedule. Before completing the booking, they will be prompted to pay either by using their credit card or their own PayPal account. The meeting will only be scheduled once payment is submitted.

The money will flow directly into your PayPal account, making it easy for you to collect fees for your services. No longer will you need to chase customers for payment, or waste valuable time dealing with fees.

ScheduleOnce’s robust payment integration also allows you to define cancellation and reschedule policies. You can choose whether to automatically or manually refund customers if they cancel a meeting, and whether to charge a fee for rescheduling. This allows you to reduce administrative overhead and generate more revenue for your business.

Could your business benefit from using a scheduling software with payment? Sign up for a free trial of ScheduleOnce to test drive our platform.