Scheduling meetings across time zones can be difficult for any organization. Not only do you need to think about the time difference and daylight savings time, but you also need to consider the channel for the meeting, whether it be over the phone or via web conferencing.

ScheduleOnce has the most extensive features for scheduling meetings across different time zones. Our platform is designed to automatically detect your customers’ time zones and adjust accordingly. We track daylight savings time for more than 300 locations worldwide to ensure we always have the correct time and you never miss a meeting due a time zone mistake. Notifications you receive will display the meeting time in your time zone, while your customer’s notifications will display the meeting time in his or her time zone.

When you schedule meetings across different time zones, you also need to determine the best channel for conducting your meeting. When conducting meetings via web conferencing, you can seamlessly create web conferencing sessions with ScheduleOnce’s native GoToMeeting and WebEx integrations. With our integrations, a web conferencing session is created whenever a booking is made, and all web conferencing details are included in your notifications. This makes it easy for you to conduct meetings with customers in different time zones.

In today’s world, your business cannot just focus on local customers. If you need help scheduling meetings across time zones, start a free trial of ScheduleOnce to test drive our platform.