Time zone features

ScheduleOnce was specifically designed for scheduling virtual meetings and supporting virtual teams. The software automatically handles time zone detection, conversion, and Daylight Saving Time adjustments, eliminating the confusion usually associated with scheduling in different locations.

Automatic time zone detection

The customer's time zone is detected automatically based on the IP address. The customer then confirms the time zone with a single click.

Interact in your local time zone

Any user or customer interacting with ScheduleOnce, will always see times in their local time zone. All time zone conversion calculations are done in the background.

Automatic handling of Daylight Saving Time

ScheduleOnce tracks the Daylight Saving Time status of more than 300 locations worldwide and automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that you never have a time zone mishap.

Only show slots in customer's local working hours

If your customer is not in the same time zone as you, they may be confused by time slots that are outside their working hours. This setting allows you to only display time slots that fall within their local working hours.

Support for distributed teams

Team members accepting appointments can be located in different time zones and seamlessly participate in organizational scheduling scenarios such as pooled availability.

No confusion about Daylight Saving Time

When time zones are used, ScheduleOnce always indicates if DST is in effect, ensuring that customers are never in doubt about time zone calculations.

Friendly taxonomy

Our friendly time zone taxonomy eliminates any possible confusion about meeting times. It includes all necessary information: country, time zone region, GMT offset and Daylight Saving Time status.

Enable/disable time zone for customers

Time zone support is great, but if all customers are local, you can simply turn off time zone conversion for your customers. Time zone conversion can be enabled for some booking pages and disabled for others.