Do you need to schedule a large conference call? or maybe you need to arrange one on one meetings between buyers and suppliers in a conference? These are just two examples for what a conference scheduling software like ScheduleOnce can do.

As you have seen from the above example, there is a need for two types of applications. For the first scenario there is a need for a group meeting scheduler and for the second scenario there is a need for an appointment scheduler. ScheduleOnce is the only tool that provides a solution to both under one roof. This capability is very powerful as you sometimes need to move from one scenario to another.

For example, you are scheduling one on ones with prospects in a conference and you see that for one of the meetings you will need to bring two other people from your company. What you can do with ScheduleOnce is extend the one on one meeting into a group meeting by easily inviting the two additional people.

These were just a few examples. To learn more about our conference scheduling software please visit our home page by clicking the green button on the left.