ScheduleOnce is a new type of personal scheduler software that truly focuses on the individual user. With ScheduleOnce you get a personal MeetMe page that acts as your personal scheduling assistant. You can select a personal link for this page in the format of

ScheduleOnce also connects to your personal calendar so that it can read you busy time in real time and ensure that you don’t get double booked. In addition, when a meeting is scheduled in ScheduleOnce it will be automatically created in your calendar and calendar invitations will be sent to all attendees.

ScheduleOnce has very affordable plans starting at just $5/month. It is used successfully by many independent professionals such as coaches, photographers, lawyers, consultants, advisers and many more.

The ScheduleOnce user interface is modern and highly usable and if you are evaluating more than one personal scheduler software  make sure to check out the user experience of your invitees. You cannot go wrong with SchduleOnce.