Calendar scheduling across time zones can be challenging. It’s difficult enough finding a meeting time that works for everyone in the same city, let alone in different countries where factors like Daylight Saving Time further complicate matters. 

Automating your calendar scheduling can help remove the confusion from setting up meetings across time zones and make it easier for you to meet with clients or plan project meetings. 

In this article, we’ll sum up some of the factors you need to consider when scheduling international meetings. 

Be mindful of your attendee’s time

Video calls with potential clients, partners or prospects situated across the globe is a quick and efficient way to connect, but it should never be done at the cost of their private time – or sleeping patterns. Set limits for when meetings can take place to ensure they fall within a reasonable time window within or outside the workday. The last thing you want to do is schedule a meeting at 4 am. Don’t forget to factor in Daylight Saving Time. If you have a recurring meeting, reschedule when the clock goes back or forward. 

Use a solution built for meeting across time zones

Our software makes it easy for connections in different time zones to meet without interruption. ScheduleOnce features built-in time zone conversion settings that automatically adjust to your recipient’s local time zone, so all time slots will display in their local time. To make it even easier for your attendees to select a meeting time, you can opt to only show time slots in their working hours, and eliminate your available times early in the morning or late at night. 

ScheduleOnce also automatically makes the necessary adjustments for Daylight Saving Time, so you never have to worry about keeping track of them yourself.

Use meeting tools that suit everyone

Our software integrates seamlessly with most web conferencing tools to cater to everyone’s different needs. All your recipient needs to do is click on a single link to see all the meeting details in their local time.  If your clients use Zoom for video conferencing and you use another platform, be sure to check in advance if the two clients can integrate, otherwise consider using another platform. Using one specific conference call platform reduces setup time and is more convenient for all participants, especially for recurring meetings.  

Technology removes the hassle from scheduling meetings, making calendar scheduling a breeze across time zones. Just remember, meetings should always be scheduled with time differences in mind. ScheduleOnce’s built-in time zone conversion settings cancels out any possible confusion about meeting times, so you can connect effortlessly, no matter where your customers are situated.

Read more about our time-zone features here. Start scheduling meetings across time zones right away by signing up for your 14-day free trial now.