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ScheduleOnce is now OnceHub!

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We are excited to announce some major product and company changes. With this release, we are introducing a new product: InviteOnce. We are also changing the company name to OnceHub, the new home for our Once products: ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce.

Why are we making this change? From our product leadership position, we have seen the need for additional scheduling functionality, covering new use cases that ScheduleOnce was not designed to support. ScheduleOnce is a great solution for accepting bookings on a large scale and under a generic configuration. This is optimal for Top-of-the-funnel scheduling where bookings are used to fill the sales funnel with new prospects.

However, we continued to see a lot of manual, inefficient scheduling with our users’ existing prospects and customers. This scheduling is scenario-specific and cannot be automated efficiently under a generic configuration, due to the high variability among the requirements of each meeting. We realized this In-the-funnel scheduling needed a completely different approach, requiring the instant creation of customized scheduling configurations for each meeting. This personalized approach to scheduling is what InviteOnce is all about.

InviteOnce was built from the ground up to support personalized scheduling. Our foremost design goals were flexibility and speed. We recognized that since we were providing the ability to personalize scheduling for each meeting, we needed to enable this with the least amount of effort on the user side. This required a new approach with a new product built from scratch.

Watch the InviteOnce introduction video:

Now with two products under our belt, we also had to upgrade the company name. ScheduleOnce was a good name when ScheduleOnce was our only product. We now needed a bigger name that could serve as an umbrella for the Once products: OnceHub.

But OnceHub is not only the name of our company. It is also the name of our platform. The OnceHub platform is the central management hub for the two Once products. It supports all user management and account functions in order to provide our users with an integrated experience as they use both products. Users can start off with just ScheduleOnce, just InviteOnce, or they can use both concurrently.

Watch the OnceHub introduction video:

Now back to InviteOnce with some practical pricing information. Since these are the first steps for InviteOnce, we are not charging for it yet. Everyone has unlimited access to our beta version for approximately six months, completely free of charge. But what will InviteOnce’s pricing be when we start charging for it? We are fully transparent about this and have published the future pricing on our InviteOnce pricing page.

We hope you will find InviteOnce useful and enjoy the new changes we have made under OnceHub. For more details and links to relevant help articles, please see the What's new in 9.0 article.

Finally, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling or emailing us at support@oncehub.com. We are available 24/7!