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Frequently asked questions

What does it mean that the product is in beta?

This is the first release of InviteOnce and includes the core feature set only. However, with respect to security, privacy and compliance, InviteOnce is up to par with our strict standards. While InviteOnce is in beta, you can use it free and add unlimited user licenses. Once we’re out of beta, the prices here will take effect. We will be sure to let you know before that happens.

Can I add or remove users at any time?

Sure. If the size of your team changes, you can simply add or remove users at any time. While InviteOnce is in beta, every user in your OnceHub account is automatically granted an InviteOnce user license.

What are your terms of use and privacy policies?

Here is our Master service agreement and Privacy notice. Have a look at our dedicated Legal page, where all our legal documentation is available.

Who needs a user license?

A user license is required for every team member involved in scheduling, including those who receive bookings and those who coordinate them. Customers do not require a license. While InviteOnce is in beta, all users in your OnceHub account will be automatically granted an InviteOnce user license.

Do you offer onboarding assistance?

Of course. All free trial accounts have access to a comprehensive getting started guide that will walk you through the major features. Additionally, we run daily onboarding webinars to help you configure your account.

Any questions before you sign up?

If you have more questions about InviteOnce or the sign up process, please contact us and we'll get right back to you.

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