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OnceHub for

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Streamline the admissions process, improve student engagement, and make the most of your office hours

Streamline the admissions interview process

Today, prospective students have more options than ever before. To attract their attention, it’s important that your institution stands out from the crowd. The first exposure to your institute occurs during the admissions process.

With OnceHub, prospective students can schedule interviews for a time that is convenient for both them and you. Our comprehensive time zone support and web conferencing integration, allow you to easily meet with international applicants too. If you conduct panel interviews, prospective students can book one interview with multiple members of your institution. Panels can include specific team members or representatives of different departments. Once an interview is scheduled, a confirmation is immediately sent to all parties via email or SMS and a calendar event is automatically created.

From the applicant’s perspective, the experience is quick and seamless, leaving a lasting impression and increasing your chances of converting them into students. From the institution’s prospective, you are optimizing admission staff schedules by ensuring that every possible time slot you wish to offer will be visible for prospective students to book.


Make advisors more approachable

Engaging with students is key in improving and maintaining student retention and educational success. You want your students to be able to get in touch with you, while still having control over your schedule.

OnceHub enables advisors to choose when they are available to meet with students. If an extra level of control is desired, advisors have the option to approve all bookings before they are confirmed and added to their calendar. To help students remember their appointment and show up on time, reminders can be sent via email or SMS.

OnceHub is committed to offering a first-class scheduling experience to all students, including those with disabilities. All booking pages conform to the standards defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, providing all students with an equal opportunity to schedule bookings with your institution.


Tutoring and eLearning for modern students

Millennials, also known as generation Y, are the most diverse generation we have had to teach. Millennials expect to be engaged in their learning, they don’t do well being passive. They are accustomed to instant gratifications and don’t like waiting around for results.

With online scheduling, you can keep up with digital-age students by offering them a quick and easy way to schedule a lesson with you there and then. Once a lesson is scheduled, a confirmation is immediately sent and details are automatically entered into both parties’ calendars. All the student or tutor has to do to keep track of their meetings is refer to their calendar. All the information to access the meeting is right at their fingertips.

From the institute’s perspective, OnceHub not only automates and modernizes the scheduling process, but it also gives you the tools to sell more sessions. Session packages allow you to offer bookings of multiple lessons at a potentially discounted price, increasing student commitment and loyalty to your organization. With our time and workload management tools you can optimize tutors’ schedules and maximize the number of sessions your team can conduct in a given period of time. If students end up canceling or rescheduling, the time slot will be immediately freed up to accept new bookings.


Use your office hours more effectively

Office hours are an invaluable aspect of teaching and learning. For academic success, it’s important that your institute encourages students to come to office hours and use that time effectively. The challenge, however, is that professors are normally only able to offer a few office hours a week, resulting in many students not getting the time and attention they require. Moreover, today’s students are busier than ever and can’t afford to waste time coming in only to be turned away.

With OnceHub, you can use your office hours more effectively by providing your students with a simple way to schedule time with you. Appointments flow right into your calendar according to your exact preferences. You will always know who is coming to your office hours and when they are coming. During high-volume periods, such as before exams, OnceHub allows you to increase your meeting capacity by offering group sessions rather than the regular one-on-ones. Your setup can be easily changed at any point to fit your scheduling needs.

By letting students schedule with you via OnceHub, you’re giving them the peace of mind that their time is secure. Students will appreciate the ease of connecting with you and the convenience of making a booking from any device.