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    Preserve momentum during lead handoff

    Handing off a lead from a sales development representative to an account executive is like racing in a track and field relay. To win the race, the momentum must be preserved between the runners passing the baton.

    OnceHub helps you keep the transition in motion by automating the baton passing. Sales development representatives can schedule appointments for the right account executives with the click of a button. The sales development representative can schedule on behalf of the lead then and there, or can send the lead an email with a personalized scheduling invitation. With OnceHub, the transition is smooth and fast, and most importantly, the momentum is preserved.

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    Fairly distribute meetings to team members

    Account executives are measured on how many deals they close. This means that the more bookings they receive, the more opportunities they have to close. Achieving a fair and unbiased meeting distribution among account executives is therefore critical.

    With OnceHub, you can rest assured that each account executive will receive the same number of bookings. The round robin distribution method makes sure sales development representatives hand over leads to the next account executive in line, without the need for spreadsheets and complex CRM flows.

    You will have real-time visibility into how many bookings each account executive receives, and be able to ensure an equal distribution at all times.

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    Be accessible from your emails

    When corresponding with leads via email, you want to be easily accessible for more in depth conversations.

    With OnceHub, account executives can be accessible to prospects whenever they have a question. By adding a scheduling link to their email signature, account executives can allow prospects to schedule a short call any time they like. When they want to invite a prospect to schedule, they can embed suggested time slots directly in the body of their email. Leads simply select a time and the session is set. This ensures leads feel valued and cared for and can easily get the answers they require.

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Jason Hubbard, VP Marketing

Cirrus Insight

“There is no other way we could have booked so many appointments with our prospects. We are truly maximizing prospect conversion rates and utilizing our staff to its fullest potential.”
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