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    Add additional subject matter experts to your meetings

    Each advisor at your firm has their own expertise, whether it’s corporate finance, retirement planning, or investments. Some meetings may require expertise in different areas. The challenge in setting up these meetings is finding a time that works for everyone - your client, and team members who are juggling a large client base.

    With OnceHub, you can create panel meetings, allowing your clients to meet multiple subject matter experts simultaneously. When a client clicks on your scheduling link, they will only see availability for possible panel combinations. You can choose specific advisors, or an area of expertise and OnceHub will assign a relevant advisor.

    You will be able to easily coordinate meetings with multiple subject matter experts to better meet your clients’ needs.

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    Comply with industry regulations

    OnceHub eliminates the hassle of scheduling client meetings while allowing you to remain fully compliant with industry regulations.

    Each team member receiving bookings can track their activity in their account’s activity stream. Event details are only visible to the booking recipient, ensuring that private information is never revealed to other users. All booking activity is also aggregated in reports, providing internal management (branch managers, compliance) and external authorities (DOL, FINRA, SEC) with full transparency.

    OnceHub also gives you the ability to automatically forward a hidden copy of all outgoing customer email notifications to a designated email address, allowing you to comply with industry regulations and organizational policies.