Website integration

ScheduleOnce offers multiple publishing options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your booking pages onto your website. All publishing options are customizable, allowing scheduling to become an integral part of your online environment. Visitors who are ready to engage with you are provided with a direct path to connect with your team.

The three publishing options allow you to strategically place scheduling calls-to-action on key pages. All options are fully supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • The Website widget

    This multi-channel widget enables website visitors to book appointments, submit email inquiries, and easily find your phone number to initiate an immediate phone call.

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  • Website embed

    Make scheduling an integral part of your website experience by embedding booking pages directly onto your website. Visitors can start the booking process without any extra clicks.

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  • Website buttons

    Create professional calls-to-action throughout your website. Scheduling buttons can be added almost anywhere on the page, or used as a floating button on the bottom right corner of your website. 

    Learn more about Website buttons