Reports provide important information about your customers and booking activities. Summary reports present booking activity by lifecycle phase and provide answers to high-level business questions. Detail reports include data at the activity level and allow you to select reporting fields from more than forty system fields as well as your own custom fields. Reports can be viewed by multiple dimensions: by customer, booking page, event type, master page, and user.

Summary reports

Summary reports provide a high-level overview of booking activity by lifecycle phase, allowing you to figure out quick answers to important business questions such as: What percentage of my customers are no-shows? Which users receive the highest number of appointments? Which event types sell the most?

Detail reports

Detail reports provide information on each activity, including its complete booking details. Detail reports can be customized to include more than forty system fields, as well as your own custom fields. Any information collected via your booking forms can be easily analyzed by creating custom report views with the exact fields you need.

Revenue reports

When using Payment integration, detailed revenue reports provide full visibility into transactions throughout the booking lifecycle. Scheduling activities are presented side by side with correlating payment and credit transactions in one central location.
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Data export

All reports can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or a PDF file, allowing you to further analyze the data and share professional reports with your stakeholders. For example, you can export your booked customer list with their emails and phone numbers. Alternatively, if you are running an event, you can provide attendees with a branded PDF report that includes their meetings for the day.