Channel selection

Offer your customers a choice of meeting channels. Each channel can have its own meeting settings, such as availability and location. Channels can represent different physical locations, virtual locations, or meeting types that are offered at different times throughout the day or week.

  • Independent availability and settings

    Different meeting channels have different characteristics, such as location settings, availability, duration, lead time, and more. For example, you can meet face-to-face in your office on Tuesday and Wednesday, or over the phone Monday through Friday. Face-to-face meetings are longer and have different considerations, such as buffer and travel time.

  • Different channels for different clients

    Once meeting channels are defined, you can use them selectively with your customers. For example, one customer can be offered a phone consultation only, while another customer is given a choice between a phone or face-to-face consultation.

  • Additional flexibility with event types

    Each meeting channel can have its own event types, providing further flexibility. For example, the phone channel can offer a choice between a 15-minute starter session and a 30-minute basic session. The face-to-face channel can offer a 60-minute session and a 2-hour advanced session.