Find by time

When you use find by time, customers select a time from a single calendar that combines the availability of the team. They see all team members available at their time of choice. Find by time can also be used for resources, locations, and any other entity for which you reserve time.

  • More open time slots for your customers

    Find by time combines the availability of your team members and creates more open time slots from which your customers can choose. Once a time is selected, customers see all available team members and make their preferred choice.

  • A simpler and easier scheduling process

    Find by time allows customers to choose the most suitable team member available at their preferred time. This is accomplished without needing to search each team member’s schedule individually. The result is a simpler and easier scheduling process for the customer.

  • Increased efficiency for scheduling coordinators

    Find by time is an excellent tool when used internally by those responsible for scheduling multiple team members. The person responsible for scheduling can easily pick a time, choose the preferred team member, enter the customer’s details, and make the booking.