Automatic redirect

ScheduleOnce allows you to redirect your customers to a custom page after they schedule, reschedule or cancel a booking. This allows you to create custom confirmation pages and better track the source of your bookings.

  • Customize the post-scheduling flow

    ScheduleOnce allows you to customize the post-scheduling customer experience. You can skip the ScheduleOnce confirmation page and redirect your customers to different pages for different customer actions. This allows you to create different post-scheduling experiences for customers who schedule, reschedule and cancel a booking.

  • Accurately track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

    ScheduleOnce allows you to make online scheduling an integral part of your campaign funnels. By passing UTM tags to your automatic redirect page, you can track the source of your bookings. This gives you insight into your campaign conversions, helping you focus on the most effective strategies for your business.

  • Your brand at every customer touchpoint

    You work hard to build a branded experience across every customer touchpoint. With ScheduleOnce, you can brand the post-scheduling experience by automatically redirecting customers to a custom page. Booking data can be sent to this page, allowing you to display a personalized confirmation message. This, along with our other branding features, allows you to offer a fully branded experience from start to finish.