The ScheduleOnce connector for Zoom seamlessly integrates Zoom with your booking activities through all phases of the booking life cycle. A new Zoom session is provisioned automatically upon making a booking. Customers receive an Outlook Calendar invite with the Zoom Outlook integration and a notification with all meeting details in their local timezone. 

A new Zoom session is created for one-on-one meetings. For group sessions, every customer receives details of the same Zoom session. For session packages, a unique Zoom link is created for each session. ScheduleOnce also connects to your Outlook Calendar in real-time. Busy time is automatically retrieved and bookings are added directly into your Outlook Calendar. 

If a booking is canceled or rescheduled, ScheduleOnce automatically updates the relevant changes in Zoom. If a meeting is rescheduled, ScheduleOnce updates your customers with new Zoom session details, ensuring all relevant parties have the latest information. Similarly, an event cancellation is also updated in the Outlook calendars of the customers. With the Zoom Outlook integration, the Zoom session details and the Outlook calendars of your customers are always up to date.

ScheduleOnce offers a native Zoom integration. With this integration, you can automatically:

  • Create a new Zoom meeting when a booking is made 
  • Send customers Zoom meeting details via email 
  • Insert the Zoom meeting details into an Outlook calendar event

Scheduling a Zoom meeting in Outlook is now taken care of with ScheduleOnce. Sign up for a free trial today!