Do you need to accept appointments online and looking for a time slots booking calendar? ScheduleOnce is exactly what you need. It is an appointment scheduler that is based on time slots that you define with complete control.

ScheduleOnce enables you to accept appointments online within a few minutes after you sign up. To start accepting bookings online all you have to do is share your MeetMe page where people can see the time slots in which you are ready to accept appointments. You can decide exactly how many time slots you show each day and when they start and end. For example, you can specify the maximum number of time slots per day. If you are just starting a business you may want to set this to a low number. This will make people think that you are busy and have lost of business already.

You can also control many other settings relating to time slots like when they show; Do they show only on the hour or on the half hour or on another part of the hour? With the power of ScheduleOnce you will be able to configure the time slots booking calendar exactly the way you want it. So give it a try. You will be so happy you did!