Online scheduling can help streamline customer onboarding for SaaS companies. When customers purchase your SaaS product, a smooth onboarding helps convert your new customers into long term users and brand advocates. With ScheduleOnce, you can make scheduling onboarding sessions an integral part of your workflows.

When customers sign up for your SaaS, you can offer online scheduling of onboarding sessions in customer emails and in-app messages. When customers click on your scheduling call-to-action, ScheduleOnce will be able to identify the customer, allowing your customer to quickly and seamlessly book their session.

If your SaaS company charges a fee for onboarding sessions, ScheduleOnce payment integration allows you to collect payment during the scheduling process. Our payment integration supports all phases of the booking lifecycle, from the initial booking, to cancellations and rescheduling.

Your customer success will be greatly improved when you streamline the onboarding process with online scheduling. If you could use scheduling for your SaaS customer onboarding, sign up for a free trial of ScheduleOnce today.