Are you looking for a simple meeting organizer that is Google compatible? You have come to the right place. ScheduleOnce has deep integration with Google Calendar and was actually selected as a launch partner in the Google Apps Marketplace.

What can ScheduleOnce do for you? It can help you find the best time for a meeting with multiple attendees. You can use ScheduleOnce with or without time zones. If all your invites are in one time zone there is no need to bother them with time zones at all.But if they are in different time zones you would want ScheduleOnce to handle this seamlessly.

ScheduleOnce allows you to connect your Google Calendar and easily see your bust times in ScheduleOnce. You can connect to as many Google Calendars as you want and change calendar selection on the fly. When you schedule the meeting, it is automatically created in your Google Calendar and it can be accessed directly from your ScheduleOnce home page.

So if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use meeting organizer scheduler that works with Google, give ScheduleOnce a try. You will not be disappointed.