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Scheduling software with two-factor authentication

There are many different online scheduling solutions, but not all of them offer the same degree of account protection for your Customer and Booking data. A simple password can easily be cracked. To ensure your data is well protected, you need scheduling software with two-factor authentication.

ScheduleOnce is a robust scheduling software designed with security in mind. With security features that allow you to protect your account and enforce your organizational security policies. One of ScheduleOnce’s key features for boosting account security is two-factor authentication (2FA). This straightforward step increases your scheduling account protection by addressing the vulnerability of password-only log-ins. With two-factor authentication, even if someone either knows or guesses your password, they would still be unable to gain access to your account.

Adding two-factor authentication to a scheduling software account, like ScheduleOnce, provides you and your customers with an extra layer of account protection. If you’re looking for scheduling software with two-factor authentication, try ScheduleOnce today.

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