Do you need to find a time for a meeting with multiple attendees? There are many tools that claim to help with this problem so how do you pick the right one?

What you should know is that almost all scheduling tools are based on a scheduling poll. That is, they are simply a poll system that is polling on time alternatives instead of any other textual element. These applications are easy to build and there are close to a hundred on the internet. But the fact of the matter is that these tools are not so effective. They require lots of work and their time finding ability is not that good.

A more modern tool like SchduleOnce is not using the poll scheduling method. In ScheduleOnce everything is based on availability. So instead of having to define alternatives all that people have to do is say when they’re availabale. This requires less work and enables ScheduleOnce to identify the best time with any restrictions. ScheduleOnce can consider all possible alternatives, while a poll scheduling system can only consider alternatives that were defined in advance.

If you still want more evidence about the benefits of ScheduleOnce vs a scheduling poll read the linked blog post. To get started with ScheduleOnce simply click the green button on the left.