ScheduleOnce is more than a scheduling tool. It’s a personal scheduler online that is like your personal scheduling assistant. ScheduleOnce provides you with a personal MeetMe page that can be accessed via a unique URL that you choose. For example if your name is Dana your MeetMe link can be Short and memorable.

On this MeetMe page you can display your photo and a profile or yourself and also display a calendar with time slots in which you are availabale to meet. These time slots are calculated in real time based on availability from your calendar and when an appointment is booked with you it is automatically created in your calendar. So in the same way that a human personal assistant has access to your calendar and schedules meetings for you so does ScheduleOnce have access to your calendar and schedules meetings for you.

Some of our customers are very senior people that can easily afford more than one assistant but they don’t hire one. Instead, they use ScheduleOnce, and they are very heavy users. Some of them even say that ScheduleOnce works faster and better for them than if they had hired an assistant.

So its time that you too will have a personal scheduler online so you can save time and make it easy for people to schedule time with you.