Are you evaluating the different lesson scheduling software tools and trying to find the best tool for your needs? In this post we will briefly explain what you should look for and why ScheduleOnce is a tool that you should review.

The first thing to look at is whether the lesson scheduler is a personal scheduler or whether its a services point of sale system. Most of the scheduling tools on the market were designed for services companies who need to enable booking of their services online. Lesson scheduling is not a service that is part of a bigger services portfolio. Typically lesson scheduling is a single online tutor who provides lessons to her students.

The second thing you should look at is the calendaring approach. Many tools have their own built in calendar. Do you really need another calendar? Calendar today are the play of the giants and no small company can create a good enough calendar. So you are already using a calendar so why not connect to your existing calendar? This is exactly what ScheduleOnce does.

Besides the two points mentioned above easy of use is critical here so make sure that any lesson scheduling software tools that you evaluate are indeed easy to use.