Our native GoToMeeting integration helps save time, increase participation rates, and convey a professional image to your customers. Customers receive a ScheduleOnce confirmation notification, including all meeting details in their local time zone.

Features of the GoToMeeting integration

Scheduling one-on-one meetings and group sessions in GoToMeeting: Each booking made creates a new GoToMeeting session. When multiple customers sign up for the same session, each customer receives the same video conferencing details.

Automatic scheduling of a GoToMeeting session: On making a new booking, a GoToMeeting session is created automatically.

Automatically generate integrated notifications: Video conferencing information is an integral part of all ScheduleOnce notifications. On making a new booking, users and customers receive a confirmation notification that includes the GoToMeeting session details.

Configure by Booking page: The ScheduleOnce and GoToMeeting integration provides direct access to GoToMeeting audio settings. The GoToMeeting video conferencing settings can be configured within your OnceHub account.

Integrated canceling and rescheduling: When a booking is canceled or rescheduled by either the customer or the owner, the necessary updates are made automatically in GoToMeeting, ensuring all relevant parties have the latest information.

Integrated reassignment of bookings: When a booking is reassigned from one user to another, and both are connected to GoToMeeting, the event ownership is updated automatically in GoToMeeting. All future notifications will include the updated GoToMeeting session details.

To learn more about our native GoToMeeting integration, watch the video below.

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