Did you think that you can make google calendar appointment slots public? This is not possible. Google requires that the other party that is looking to schedule an appointment with you has a Google Calendar as well. So if you were thinking of using the Google Calendar appointments slots outside your organization for customer appointments you can simply forget about it.

However, there are other free tools that connect to Google calendar and provide an even better experience than the Google Calendar appointment slots. ScheduleOnce is the leading product in this category and you can use it to achieve what you wanted with the GCAL slots and even more.

If you are using Gmail calendar you can simply signup from our home page and if you are running Google Apps in your organization you can install ScheduleOnce from the Google Apps Marketplace. It is top rated so you will easily find it in the Calendar and Scheduling category.

So as we said, ScheduleOnce is a far better alternative than trying to make Google calendar appointment slots public. Get started with ScheduleOnce today by clicking the green button on the left.