Are you looking for an appointment slots calendar that will allow you to easily accept appointments online?

Welcome to ScheduleOnce! Our appointment calendar is indeed based on time slots and it will enable people to easily book appointments with you without knowing anything about your calendar or free/busy patterns. The appointment slots calendar is displayed on your MeetMe page – This is your personal page with your personal link and profile that you can share with anyone that needs to schedule time with you. The MeetMe page also connects to your personal calendar so that the slots calendar can be viewed as a web extension of your calendar that can accept appointments on your behalf.

There are many settings that can be used to control the slots in the calendar but this is not the place to discuss them. What you should know is that ScheduleOnce is extremely easy to use for you and your invitees and we also have a completely free trial that you can use without limitations. So wait no more and give our appointment slots calendar a try. You will be glad you did.