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Today, Tungle founder and former CEO Marc Gingras formally announced that the Tungle service will be shutting down on December 3rd this year.

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This is not a surprise. Since RIM purchased Tungle in April 2011 there was no investment in the product and support was discontinued. The service continued to function but lately we were hearing about many technical issues.

During the last year some of Tungle’s users were already looking for a Tungle replacement. Many of them found ScheduleOnce and they were all very positively surprised:

  • ScheduleOnce was able to do everything that Tungle could do and much more.
  • ScheduleOnce was much faster and easier to use and their clients were very happy with the change.
  • ScheduleOnce was much better suited for scheduling in a business environment.

So if you are a Tungle user and need a professional alternative to Tungle that can do everything you did with Tungle and much more, give ScheduleOnce a try:

If you need another proof point here is what people are saying about ScheduleOnce as a replacement for Tungle.

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