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On November 7, 2015 we released the ScheduleOnce connector for Zapier, opening up a wide range of integration possibilities.

We are now happy to announce the official launch of ScheduleOnce on the Zapier website. With 60+ examples of workflows (“Zaps”) and over 500 applications to integrate with, you can now instantly connect ScheduleOnce with your CRM, marketing automation, invoicing, email marketing, productivity apps and more.

When ScheduleOnce is integrated with Zapier, more than 50 ScheduleOnce field types can be used to automatically create records in your favorite apps. For example, you can build contact lists in marketing automation and email marketing apps with every new customer that makes a booking. Alternatively, you can create leads, contacts, opportunities and events in your CRM system, or open new cases and support tickets in your helpdesk apps.

You’re welcome to start making your own Zaps in the Zapier website, or jump right in with these:

Add leads to marketing lists

Capture every contact on your CRM

Get booking notifications, archive appointment data, and more

If you’re looking for additional ways to boost your lead generation, qualification and onboarding processes, go to our Zapier integration page or visit the ScheduleOnce page on the Zapier website and see all the ways it can help you make more connections with your customers

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