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ScheduleOnce 8.7 is live - Managing bookings within and across teams

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We are excited to announce ScheduleOnce 8.7!

This release is all about helping multi-user accounts better manage bookings within and across teams. When setting up scheduling scenarios with multiple teams, it is critical that you have full control over how bookings will be distributed within each of your teams. As bookings come in, you need to stay on top of all booking activity and be able to adjust bookings when necessary. In this release, we focused on features that will make managing bookings easier than ever - whether that means managing bookings within one team or across multiple teams in your organization.

Distribute bookings according to your needs

Your organization may have different teams conducting meetings. For example, your account executives may be conducting sales calls, while your customer success team may be conducting support sessions. Each team may have different requirements for how bookings should be distributed. With our new resource pools feature, you will be able to define how meetings will be assigned within each of your teams. Resource pools group booking pages together according to department, skills, territory, or any other characteristic. Each pool has its own distribution method, such as round robin (great for sales teams, when you want to achieve an equal booking distribution) or pooled availability with or without priority (great for support teams, when providing maximum availability to customers is a top priority). As bookings come in, you will have real-time visibility into the pool's statistics and be able to ensure an optimal distribution. (This feature is available in beta. If you are interested in testing it out, please contact us.)

Offer meetings with a team of subject matter experts

Your meetings may require multiple team members. For example, your sales meeting may require an account manager, sales engineer, and customer success manager. With our new panel meetings feature, you can allow customers to book a time to meet with all relevant team members simultaneously. Panels can include specific team members or resource pools, meaning that a team member will be assigned according to the pool's distribution method. Once a booking is scheduled, a calendar event is created and sent to all panel members. Additionally, panel members receive all notifications, including the initial confirmation, reminders, and updates regarding any schedule changes. Panel meetings help you maximize efficiency and ensure your customers get the most out of meetings. (This feature is available in beta. If you are interested in testing it out, please contact us.)

Stay on top of your organization's bookings

As a manager, you need full visibility into all scheduling activities and to easily manage them all from one place. Our new high performance activity stream has advanced searching and filtering functionality, giving you quick access to the information you require. You can locate specific activities with our free text search, and easily view daily meetings, upcoming meetings, and booking requests. You can also create your own filters, which can be saved for easy access. When viewing a specific activity, you will be able to view any related activities, such as payments, reschedules, and cancellations, and be able to perform actions such as refunding a payment or requesting a reschedule. Staying on top of all booking activities will be easier than ever. (The new activity stream is being rolled out gradually. You will see it in your account within the next two weeks.)

Easily transfer bookings from one team member to another

In large organizations, schedule changes are inevitable. For example, a team member may be sick or a different team member may be better able to serve a specific customer. In these instances, you want to be able to make the required changes, while ensuring that your customer experience remains intact. With our new booking reassignment feature, you will be able to easily reassign a booking from one user to another. The relevant team members are instantly notified and the process is invisible to your customers. You will have the flexibility you require to manage bookings, while maintaining a top-notch customer experience. (Booking reassignment is being rolled out gradually. You will see it in your account within the next two weeks.)

To learn more about this release, watch our webinar or read our article on What’s new in ScheduleOnce 8.7.

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