The meeting location is an important decision factor in the customer’s scheduling process. It is almost as important as the meeting time. If customers do not know the location when selecting a time they may have to change their time selection when this information is revealed.

This release provides a complete solution for the meeting location. We are not just looking at the location type and who can set it, we are also taking into account the customer’s decision process and when location information should be made available in the customer’s scheduling flow.

With this release, location information is made available to the customer in the Time step, so that the customer can take location into account when selecting a time. For example, if the owner has set the meeting location to be in her office, the customer will see this information when selecting a time and will pick a time on Monday, since this is when she is already planned to be in that area.

If the meeting is a virtual meeting, or if the customer is the one that should provide the location, the customer will know that when selecting a time. When the booking is confirmed, the location field in the calendar event will be populated accordingly.

The new meeting location is not the only way to handle locations. If you want to provide multiple locations to your customers you can use multiple MeetMe pages, each one with its own location, availability and settings. Learn more about offering multiple locations to your customers.

To learn more about this new release and the new location functionality please see the What’s new in 5.4 article.

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