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ScheduleOnce 7.6 is live - Manual refund notifications, Amazon SES support, and CSV export

We are happy to announce the release of ScheduleOnce 7.6, which contains several enhancements in various areas.

ScheduleOnce 7.5 is live – Payment integration is now available!

We are happy to announce that ScheduleOnce 7.5 is now live, introducing major enhancements to the ScheduleOnce platform—most notably payment integration.

ScheduleOnce payment integration is just around the corner!

ScheduleOnce 7.5 will introduce major enhancements to the ScheduleOnce platform, most notably payment integration.

ScheduleOnce is live on Zapier!

For new ways to boost your lead generation, qualification and onboarding, visit our Zapier integration page or the ScheduleOnce page on the Zapier website.

ScheduleOnce 7.4 is live – Salesforce connector improvements

With ScheduleOnce 7.4, we are introducing several improvements to the ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce.

ScheduleOnce 7.3 is live - Personalized links, Web form integration, and more

We are happy to announce personalized links and web form integration, two important features that enhance customer experience and improve conversion rates.

ScheduleOnce 7.2 is live – Personalized notifications, Salesforce improvements, and more

ScheduleOnce 7.2 includes multiple enhancements across a number of product areas.

ScheduleOnce 7.1 is live - Zapier integration

Announcing ScheduleOnce 7.1, which includes a rich integration with Zapier, a platform that enables quick and easy data transfer between applications.

ScheduleOnce 7.0 is live – Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Office 365, iCloud and more

This release adds calendar and CRM integrations, bringing ScheduleOnce to new environments and extending it to all phases of the customer lifecycle.

ScheduleOnce 7.0 to be released on Friday @ 10:00 PM Eastern

You can follow the progress of the release on our status page or our status Twitter account.

ScheduleOnce 7.0 is just around the corner

This release adds important calendar and CRM integrations, bringing ScheduleOnce to new environments and reaching to all phases of the customer lifecycle.

Outlook integration out of beta, Office 365 and iCloud coming soon

ScheduleOnce is now the only scheduling vendor with a professional Outlook connector syncing in real time.

ScheduleOnce 6.95 is live - Notifications editor updates, new status page, and video library

ScheduleOnce 6.95 is a minor release, setting the stage for ScheduleOnce 7.0, which is planned for the July-August timeframe.

ScheduleOnce 6.9 is live - Custom notifications, SMS, Email from your domain and more

We are giving you the power to completely control how you communicate with your customers and users throughout the entire booking lifecycle.

ScheduleOnce 6.9 - We have a release date!

We're hard at work making sure ScheduleOnce 6.9 is in top shape.