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Today is an exciting day! We are releasing a major upgrade to the ScheduleOnce service that turns ScheduleOnce into your go to application for all personal scheduling needs.

With this new release, ScheduleOnce supports scheduling of Appointments, One on one meetings, Activities and Group meetings. If you are a Google Calendar or Outlook user, you can instantly connect it with ScheduleOnce, but you don’t have to – ScheduleOnce is so powerful that you can use it successfully without owning a calendar at all!

Whether you are a service provider, business professional, researcher, educator, administrative assistant, public service professional, recruiter or realtor, you will quickly find that ScheduleOnce is the solution for your scheduling needs.

Watch our introduction video to learn more:

For more information, please visit our new website and get started with the new ScheduleOnce today!

Happy scheduling 🙂
–Your friends at ScheduleOnce

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