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Recruitment chatbot templates

Ready-to-go chatbot templates that you can customize for your business

Qualified live chat

Qualify website visitors before inviting them to a live chat conversation with you or your team.


Qualified scheduled meeting

Qualify website visitors before inviting them to schedule a meeting with you or your team.


Qualified lead engagement

Qualify website visitors before inviting them to choose how they connect with you or your team: live chat or a scheduled meeting.


Instant lead engagement

Invite all website visitors to immediately connect with you or your team. Ideal for paid campaigns or landing pages where you don’t need to qualify leads.


All our chatbot templates can be used with all our publishing and lead engagement options

Standalone chatbots

Publish chatbots on standalone pages and share them with a link. No website required.

Pop-up chatbots

Add chatbots to your website that pop up when a visitor clicks on a button or a link.

Embedded chatbots

Add chatbots to your website that can be embedded anywhere on a page.

Available early 2022

Targeted chatbots

Add chatbots to your website with targeting rules for audiences.

Live Chat

Connect leads to your team with live chat conversations.

Instant meetings

Connect leads to your team with instant video or phone calls.

Available early 2022

Scheduled meetings

Connect leads to your team with a scheduled meeting.

Recruitment chatbot templates


Recruitment industries could include:

  • Recruitment consultants
  • Recruitment firms
  • Hiring agencies
  • Job sites
  • HR organizations
  • Psychometric assessment companies
  • Any company actively sourcing and hiring candidates
  • And more…

In today’s difficult labour market, one of the best ways to attract great talent is by providing a first-class recruitment experience. Many candidates never hear back from a company after their application has been submitted. Recruiting teams may find it hard to communicate well with all of their candidates. Today’s candidates understand and are comfortable with the process including innovative chatbot technology. They simply appreciate being kept in the loop whether by a human or otherwise.

You can use our recruitment chatbot templates to personally engage candidates and clients in an interactive way.

Recruitment chatbots can be a perfect addition to your website experience for candidates. All it takes is a bit of planning, fine-tuning, and the right chatbot template to start with.

Which recruitment chatbot template should I use?


You can use different recruitment chatbots for:

  • Interview scheduling
  • Automated screening
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Career page conversions
  • Text-based recruiting
  • Employee referrals
  • Candidate experience feedback
  • Employee onboarding
  • And more…

Informational chatbots for recruitment

Informational chatbots are a great way to provide guidance to website visitors. You can use them to quickly send candidates to correct job posting pages. You can also use them to answer FAQs and reduce the volume of emails your team receives.

Lead capture chatbots for recruitment

Use lead capture templates to gather candidate information. These are ideal for sourcing new candidates and resumés.

Lead qualification chatbots for recruitment

Lead qualification chatbots qualify website visitors with a few key questions before inviting them to join a live chat or schedule a meeting with your team. These are ideal for website pages where you need to qualify leads before inviting them to engage with your team.

Lead engagement chatbots for recruitment

Lead engagement chatbots invite leads to choose how they engage with your team, through live chat, instant call, or a scheduled meeting. These chatbots are ideal for when you need to qualify leads before engaging with them.

How do I get started with my recruitment chatbot?


First, have a little look around at what other people are doing. Your recruitment chatbot strategy should be as unique as your business, so it’s best not to copy. Rather, see what works well, and what doesn’t, and carve your own path from there.

Next, it’s important to define your chatbot goals. Is the purpose of the chatbot on the page to source, or screen candidates, or to schedule interviews? Do you need different chatbots for different pages to achieve your goals? Think about how you can improve the pages on your website with a recruitment chatbot.

Now, go on and make your first chatbot. Start with something simple. Once it’s working, you can try more complicated chatbots with advanced audiences and targeting. You can use one, or many, of our predefined recruitment chatbot templates to help you get started. Customize them to suit your website, brand, and tone of voice.


Finally, it’s important you continue to monitor and optimize your recruitment chatbots. Keep an eye on how your chatbots are performing against your goals. Take the time to optimize and improve the website experience for your candidates.

Why should I use a recruitment chatbot?


Recruitment chatbots will help to streamline your recruitment, delight candidates, and save time.

  • A chatbot on your website can speed up your recruitment processes, leading to an increase in productivity. Chatbots can handle multiple conversations at once, unlike humans. With a chatbot you can source, screen, and schedule interviews with more candidates.
  • Candidates don't want to take part in a slow application process or wait days (or even hours) before getting a response. They want to engage, get feedback, and then move on with their lives. A well-designed chatbot is a great way to delight candidates. It should be easy to use, saving them time while also providing all the information they need.
  • You and your team only have so many hours in the day, and you don't want to waste them on repetitive tasks. Adding recruitment chatbots to your website is like adding a person, or even people, to your team. They'll work 24/7, engaging with website visitors, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews.

Your candidates want to use chatbots

Messaging apps have become second-nature. Your candidates use them to connect with friends, and engage with brands. Chatbots are like a messaging app for your website. They’re an easy and engaging way for your candidates to connect with you.

Candidates may give up on your company if they haven’t received a response within a few weeks of applying. Recruitment chatbots offer instant, customized responses.

Your competitors are using chatbots

It's never been easier to add chatbots to your website. The latest tools don't require coding skills or technical know-how. In fact, it takes a few minutes to build, customize, and publish a chatbot.

It’s just as quick and easy for your competitors to add chatbots to their websites. If they haven’t already, it's only a matter of time before they do.

Your team will love it when chatbots do their work

Decrease the time your recruitment team spends sourcing and screening candidates.

Chatbots are ideal for repetitive tasks. They can capture contact information, screen candidates, and schedule interviews. They can do this 24/7 and will never complain or ask for a pay raise.

Meanwhile, you and your team have more important things to focus on. Chatbots can't replace humans (at least, not yet) but they can lighten the load for your team.

It’s as simple as that. Get your chatbots to work.

Save precious time, and money, with a recruitment chatbot.

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